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The Tabernacle

  • Date :9 Apr 2022

The Tabernacle is the divine model for our transformation in all areas of life.

It is a tent that God had Moses build to serve as his sanctuary. It was built in the center of the 12 tribes of Israel.
Each accessory or instrument of the Tabernacle has both physical and spiritual importance.
Today, in the new covenant, we only need the spiritual structure.

The Tabernacle has 3 sections; Each section contains Altars and accessories.
– The 1st section is The court. In this section there are:

The Altar of Sacrifices
The Vat of Purification

– The 2nd section is The Holy Place. In this section there are 3 altars:

The Altar of Shewbread
The Candlestick
The Altar of Incense

– The 3rd section is The Most Holy Place. In this place there are:

The Ark of the Covenant